Welcome to our blog! I'm Lauryn, the mama behind Bushel & Peck.
I'm a wife to my teacher/firefighter hubby, girl makin' mama who loves Jesus, holidays and endlessly taking pictures.

Life around here is pretty girly and pretty much revolves around princess this this and that, tea parties, piggy tails and make believe and I wouldn't have it any other way!

A little more about us:

We live in the suburbs of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

July 2011 I married this sweet guy!  Our main man amongst all these girlies.  We met at work, he was the p.e teacher and I was a kindergarten teacher.

April 2013 our lives were forever changed for the better when we welcomed our first daughter Brynn Caroline into the world.  

June 2013 we bought our first home and have been endlessly remodeling ever since!  One room at a time and 100% ourselves.  We love a good project and you will most likely find us DIY'ing it on any given weekend.

August 2015, just when we thought life couldn't get any sweeter, we welcomed our second baby girl, Jolie Aryn into the world.  She is just the perfect little fit.

Some random information:

The name Bushel & Peck came from the song, my sweet grandma (Honey) used to sing it to me as a child, I sang it to Brynn, and now Brynn and I sing it to Jolie.  

I decided to leave teaching to be a full time stay at home mama.

Our fur baby Lilly Mae is our third child.

I literally run on coffee and diet coke until its an acceptable time to drink wine.

Yoga pants are my permanent uniform.

I pretty much rock the "mom bun" 98.9% of the time.

I am a teeny tiny 4'11 and my husband is giant 6'1!

We are die hard Alabama Crimson Tide fans!

Any questions feel free to contact me :)


  1. Hélio
    I'm in love for these girls, I have one too,her name is Marina Helena, She has 2 years old.
    I'd like to know what photography camera do you use?

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