Friday, March 1, 2019


I put together a really cute and fun "Valentine's" theme school for the girls this year.  I made a bunch of bags and filled them with half Valentine's school work activities and half fun art projects.  They loved taking turns to pick a bag and complete the activities.  It was such a hit I think I may do it again around Easter time.

Our fun play stand had a Valentine makeover again this month...and we dressed up and had a little photo op!

Steve took Brynn to her first Father, Daughter dance and it was so special.  She was so excited and nervous. She told me before they left that she was excited "but still thinking about what moves she was gonna do.  :). Steve and I showed her the "fishing line" dance move and she was so embarrassed and was sure that she was DEFINITELY not going to be doing that move! ahaha. They both got all dressed up and sped off in the "old car."  She will remember this forever, such sweet memories.  I can't wait for both girls to be able to go next year.

This Valentine's I was away in Gulf Shores visiting my grandparents.  Honey had fallen and broken her back again so I went up with my mom and brother.  Steve stayed back with the kids so that I could focus on my family and help out over there.  It was a great trip...we had so much quality time just watching movies and documentaries.  Spent every evening on the porch watching sunsets and talking with our evening cocktails.  We were able to make them yummy dinners and desserts and spoil them a little.  They sure did seem happy to have the company, and Honey was actually in really great spirits and moving around pretty great!  They were just as feisty and funny as ever and really kept up laughing.

At home Steve was holding down the fort.  He really is the best man ever.  He decorated the house the night before for them and laid out their little gifts on the table for when they woke up.  He made them a sweet breakfast of heart pancakes and heart strawberries.  I was so thankful that he went above and beyond to still make their holiday special without me.  It was my first holiday without the girls, but Steve really outdid himself and I don't think they even missed me ;)

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