Monday, March 18, 2019

St. Pattys

Im not a huge St. Pattys person, I don't even really decorate for it.  I normally do a little festive breakfast for the kids..or something like that and that's about it.

This year Brynn was talking about how she hoped she could catch a leprechaun with a trap.
They asked for Lucky Charms last week when I was making my weekly grocery meal plan and since St. Patricks Day was coming I said sure. ;). Lucky for us, the box actually had a trap already made for us...andddd it was a unicorn one! win, win!

Last night we set it up and hoped for the best!

I snuck into their rooms last night after they were asleep and drew little green mustaches on them and one on myself.  Then I sprinkled gold glitter from their beds to the trap.

I left some gold chocolate coins on their night stand and some by the trap with a teeny tiny leprechaun size note saying..."good job try trying to catch me, maybe next year! But, I left you some festive treats!"

I woke up before the girls and sat on the couch waiting for them.  Brynn came out and was so astonished and freaked that I had a mustache!  I said to her," I have a mustache??? you have a mustache!"  She ran to the mirror and was shocked! It was so hysterical.  Her reaction was totally priceless. Jolie was running around screaming" how did this happen!"  It was so funny.

My mom bought them these cute little shamrock tutus that they rocked all week running errands.

Then, we topped off the day by decorating for Easter! haha.

I can't help myself, celebrating one holiday while getting ready for the next! Give me all the holidays!

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