Friday, March 1, 2019


January came and we spent it taking many rides on our new bikes and also down with a plague of a very bad stomach virus that was passed around.

We began working on the girls "big girl" combined room.  They have been begging to be together for about a year now and finally decided it was a good time. Grammie and Papa gifted them the beds for Christmas.  I really wanted them to have some antique beds so, I kept an eye out until the sweetest set of little twin beds came about.  Steve and I went to pick them up and wouldn't you know it was little old sweet Grandma.  These had been her and her sisters beds when they were 3 and 5 also!  I was so amazed and how that all lined up and knew that were meant to be!  What a treasure and a great story!

So, we have been painting beds and walls, baseboards...doors, you name it!  I am still waiting on bedding, and a few more things that I have ordered to finally finish it all up.  I can't wait to bring it all together.

We had our first real cold front this season and dressed up and did a fire and roasted marshmallows.

In January we studied penguins.

And then bears and hibernation!  We had a teddy bear picnic and a hibernation day at the end of our unit study.

Jolie also got super interested in having her own school.  She has alwaaaays participated with us, she just has to be doing what her big sister is doing at all times.  She's been doing all the crafts and listening to all the stories and in on all the hands on activities for about two years or so now.  But now, she has been asking for her own worksheets.  I picked her up a few workbooks from the dollar store and she flew through them so I ordered her a big fat preschool workbook and she is so proud of it.  It's so cute.

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