Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Troy and Steph get married

The beginning of October was spent in Gulf Shores for Troy and Stephanie's wedding!
This wedding has felt like forever, as Troy has been with Stephanie since I was pregnant with Brynn.  We were so excited that it was finally here!

We spent the week before doing all things wedding prep up in Gulf Shores.  Steve was really sweet and spent a lot of time with the girls fishing, going to the beach and ice cream dates to give me as much alone time to help with wedding tasks to get ready for the big day.  He is really great in that way.

(this picture will forever make me laugh, Jolie caught her first fish.  I'm not sure he survived that death grip!)

The girls really enjoyed the tent and dance floor being set up for the week.  Here is papa dancing with them.  They would make us play music every night and pretend they were belle at the ball.

The wedding was beautiful and the girls really had the time of their life.  I think that Brynn will remember this forever.  She was so excited.  She even sobbed through the ceremony saying that she was just so happy that NeNe was a part of our family now.  She really does have the sweetest heart.

They did a great job being flower girls and looked so adorable doing their special job.

The girls danced on the dance floor and Brynn even requested frozen where she ended up being surrounded by all the wedding guest and dipped and spun around by Uncle Troy.  That just might have been the highlight of her life.  I think she probably felt like a real life princess in that moment.

It was all over in the blink of an eye but it was time to get back to regular programming.  School and all the Halloween activities that we could fit into two weeks.

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