Wednesday, February 27, 2019

October School

October was a jammed packed month with fun as far as school is concerned.  We had the first week off for the wedding and then quickly jumped right back in when we got home.

The week we returned was fire safety week.  Steve took the girls and their friends on a field  trip to the fire station and showed them around and gave them a little lesson

We started our pumpkin theme.  We made a pumpkin patch dramatic play area in our school room and did a pumpkin investigation.

Then we switched over to a bat theme.  I always loved teaching bats when I was a teacher. We learned about the parts of a bat, read some bat books, made some snacks and of course crafts.

We made witches brew as a math activity to practice numbers and adding.

We ended the month with a creepy and gross theme Halloween party with our school friends.  It was so great and the moms all went all out.  There was a whole feast of creepy foods to eat!  The kids dissected owl pellets.  The girls were totally grossed out by this! haha!  Lastly, we had a creepy haunted sensory house.  The kids had to stick their hands in the house and feel the gross items...which ended with real live worms!

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