Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Lemonade stand

The girls had been begging for a lemonade stand for a few weeks, so daddy to the rescue.  He sat down with them and drew out a plan and then spent the week collect scrap wood and pallets.  They built it together and then mommy jazzed it up a bit.

That weekend we had our first Lemonade stand.  The girls were so excited.  They made up some crystal light and gathered their supplies and decided to sell the lemonade for free.

They were some excited and I was so scared no one would come so I called my brother to come by.  He ended up being up the street watching the football game with our friends, so they all came over and we had a driveway full of customers.  It was so sweet.

Our first customer was our sweet neighbor Miss Pat and her dog Buddy.

And while my brother and our friends were here, eventually all the neighbors ended up stopping by and we had a real crowd out here.  The girls were so happy and such good hostesses.

And even though they were giving it away they ended up making a pretty penny.  Monday morning was spent with a trip to the dollar store to spend their earnings.

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