Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Halloween 2018

I think every Halloween I write about how it was my most favorite one yet.  But, this year will be pretty hard to beat.  Ever since last year Brynn has been begging to be Hocus Pocus for Halloween.  She loves that movie so much, and after this year so does Jolie.  In true Brynn fashion she wanted to be the pretty blonde witch leaving us all to be her sidekicks ;)

So this years theme: Hocus Pocus

Brynn as Sarah Sanderson

Mommy as Winifred Sanderson

Jolie as Mary Sanderson

Daddy as our very own Billy Butcherson

Lilly as Binx the cat

We spent about a month putting all these costumes together.  It was definitely our most involved and expensive family costume to date.  Everyones costumes were handmade down to the skirts and capes and Steve's jacket.  A real labor of love, but we take Halloween pretty seriously around here.

Brynn was soooo darn excited for this costume.  Once I dressed her up and placed that wig on her she transformed into her character immediately.  It was hilarious and cute.  I think these photos of her from her little photo shoot say it all.  Totally into it.

Jolie is such a trooper and was perfectly content with being Mary.  She's so easy to please and go with the flow.  We spray painted her hair black and I swear she didn't even look like the same child haha.  She kept walking around with her little broom saying " I smelllll children!"

Steve of course went allll out and was the best darn Billy Butcherson.  He was hysterical and super in character as well.  He always gets ready last and then presents himself to the girls and I and this year we about fell over and died in laughter.  He is the best.

I've had to be many of not attractive characters to fit into Brynn's ideas each year...Peter Pan, Ursula, a grandmother...and this year was no exception as Winnie.  But, I did have fun with it and the girls absolutely loved it!

The girls ran from house to house as happy as can be collecting all the candy.  Jolie wanted to go so far this year until eventually her bucket was so heavy she had me carry it for her.  The neighborhood got a real kick out of this year, its going to be hard to top this next year.

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