Wednesday, February 27, 2019

First Annual Gingerbread Tea Party

This year my mom and I decided to start a tradition of having a gingerbread house tea party for the girls and their little friends.   We made and iced little gingerbread houses for a solid two weeks before the party and Im pretty sure I felt the stickiness of powdered sugar on my counter for weeks,  but it was so worth it when it was all set up.  It was so beautiful and magical looking.  I can't wait to add a little more to it each year as we continue with this sweet tradition.

We served peach tea and cookies for the little girls and I made an apple cider chai tea in the crockpot for the moms that was soo yummy.
The girls waited for their guest in their tea party best attire with the sweetest smocked gingerbread dresses and pearls.  They were such sweet little hostesses.
When the guests all arrived they sat down and began on their little houses.  It was so cute watching them all decorate and sip their tea like little ladies.

It was such a beautiful, sweet, pink filled day.

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