Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Christmas School

We took the month of December off of school and focused on all things Christmas.  The Christmas story and the nativity.  It was such a sweet sweet month.  We did a lot of school in pjs, a lot of school next to the tree under the twinkling lights.  Christmas music always playing and candles always flickering. We read Charles Dickens, Life of our Lord as our read aloud.  It really was so peaceful and magical.  I am so grateful for homeschooling and that I get to make the rules around here.  We never would have gotten this special of a month if Brynn had been at public school.  It really is such a blessing.

We also did a lot of fun activities as well.  We read a couple gingerbread books and made crafts, gingerbread play dough and baked gingerbread cookies.  

Well then, what do you know while we were playing outside those darn cookies ran away out of the oven and sent us on a chase all around the house to find them with with lots of clues. 

We decorated our playhouse for the season.

Worked on our advent everyday.

And Grammie came over and did an art project with Brynn for school time.

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