Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Christmas 2018

We had the very best Christmas this year.  We decorated in the middle of November again this year and it still passed by in the blink of an eye.  I was not nearly ready for it all to be over, and I really could have used another solid week to enjoy the magic before it was all over.

Christmas Eve morning we baked Jesus' birthday cake and our Santa cookies as well.

That night we went to Christmas Eve service at church.  The girls wore the sweetest little dresses with an embroidered baby Jesus in a manger.  They looked so adorable.  We had candle light service and it was so beautiful, they even made it snow.  Afterwards as we were walking to the car when one of my sweet friends told me that she had a surprise for the girls in her car and asked if she could give them to them.  We walked with her and let us know that she had been cleaning out some of her daughters things who had passed away and found some of her collectible Christmas Barbies.  She wanted the girls to have them and take them out of the box and play with them.  They were soooo in love and the Barbies were so beautiful. It was such a sweet sweet gesture and honestly the girls probably didn't need another present at all because they were so in love with these dolls.

After church we headed to my moms house for dinner and presents.  Christmas Eve dinner was so yummy and my mom did such a wonderful job with it.  My dad was so cute and had researched all the popular toys this year and went shopping for the girls all by himself.  He loves them so much.

The girl's big gift from Steve and I  this year was this beautiful victorian dollhouse.  It had belonged to my girlfriend's sister and been in her parents attic for years.  It needed a lot of work but she wanted to know if I wanted it!  Of course I did!  I had decided about a year or so ago that I want to give the girls more heirloom toys.  Classic quality toys that they could save and pass down to their children one day.  I spent so much time painting and wallpapering and decorating every room of this dollhouse and I was so in love with it.  The girls reaction when we had them open their eyes and see it was the best!

That night we came home, set out Santas cookies, put on our pjs, read the Night Before Christmas and went to bed and waited for Santa to come.

Christmas morning the girls woke up and Brynn was so upset thinking that Santa had not come.  There were no presents under our tree.  But, she was so confused because he had ate his cookies!  How had he ate the cookies but left no presents?!?! Jolie was declaring "how ruuuude" and Brynn was just about in full on tears when she turned on the kitchen light and realized that he had in fact come after all, but just had put their presents under the playroom tree this year.  It was pretty pitiful and down right hysterical all at once.  Santa brought the girls new bikes this year!

My family all came over for Christmas breakfast and mimosas.   We watched Christmas movies and watched the kids play with their new toys.  We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and blew out his candles and spent the rest of the day lounging around enjoying each other. 

 It was another beautiful Christmas for the books.

First Annual Gingerbread Tea Party

This year my mom and I decided to start a tradition of having a gingerbread house tea party for the girls and their little friends.   We made and iced little gingerbread houses for a solid two weeks before the party and Im pretty sure I felt the stickiness of powdered sugar on my counter for weeks,  but it was so worth it when it was all set up.  It was so beautiful and magical looking.  I can't wait to add a little more to it each year as we continue with this sweet tradition.

We served peach tea and cookies for the little girls and I made an apple cider chai tea in the crockpot for the moms that was soo yummy.
The girls waited for their guest in their tea party best attire with the sweetest smocked gingerbread dresses and pearls.  They were such sweet little hostesses.
When the guests all arrived they sat down and began on their little houses.  It was so cute watching them all decorate and sip their tea like little ladies.

It was such a beautiful, sweet, pink filled day.

Christmas Fun

I just love the holiday and all the fun of the season.  I love the baking, crafts, traditions and of course alllll the sweet outfits and dressing them up like little doll babies.

We jam packed a lot of fun into this month!

We kicked off advent at church.

We participated in our church angel tree.

Decorated the house.

Went to the movies to see the Grinch.

Jolie slept with this little snow globe every single night.

Our elf got into a lot of mischief.

Visited Santa

Went to the nutcracker with Grammie and Aunt Nene.

Took a drive around the neighborhood with happy meals to see the lights.

Threw a gingerbread house tea party for our girlfriends.

Enjoyed some festive breakfasts.

Aunt Gena came over to make gingerbread houses and have a Christmas spa party.