Monday, December 17, 2018

September school

September school was great.
We first did a farm theme.  It was so much fun, we transformed our entire school room into an interactive farm.  The girls made it all!!!  We had a barn, chicken coop, chickens, pigs, horses and cows.  They were obsessed and they literally did not touch a single toy for two weeks, all they did was play in here.  We listened to farmer music, dressed like little farmer girls and did all the farm chores each day.

We "milked cows"

Washed muddy farm animals.

And then took a field trip to the farm at the very end of it all.

The second half of September we did an apple theme. We learned all about apples, the apple life cycle, parts of an apple and Johnny Appleseed.  We did some science experiments, art and planted apple seeds and watched them sprout.

At the end we celebrated Johnny Appleseed  Day with our homeschool friends.  

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