Monday, December 17, 2018

Jo-Rex turns 3

Jolie has been saying for months that she wanted a dinosaur birthday and a dinosaur cake!  At first I was like...mmm come again? Lets keep thinking.  But she was dead set on this. And for months her decision never wavered.  I decided to take the challenge of a girly dinosaur party head on, and it turned out really adorable actually and she was happy as can be!

We started the day with our traditional birthday breakfast, donuts and candles!

That day we took her to build a bear to make her own bear.  Steve took Brynn around this same age to get her "Mr. Bear" that she sleeps with every night.  Jo was so excited to make her own, and when it came time to name him...we got another "Mr. Bear."

Being three is hard work!  Once we got home we made a successful crib transfer and the birthday girl napped while we set up for a birthday dinner.  Pizza and a dinosaur cake on the menu.  Family came over and we played outside, played on the swing set, had a water balloon fight and opened presents.
It was such a simple and sweet day for our little JoJo.

Jolie, You are such a light to our family.  The perfect little caboose.  You are the sweetest, tiniest, cutest, funniest little thing ever and I can't ever get enough of you.  
Happy 3rd birthday!

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