Monday, December 17, 2018

Brynn starts kindergarten

It's a big year for our big girl.
This year she starts kindergarten.

We decided to homeschool her and we are both really excited about the adventure together.  
She loves being home with me, and I love her being home with me.

And just because you are homeschooled doesn't mean that you don't need a sweet apple dress and a photoshoot to commemorate the special day.

Even little sis had some "pre-school" pictures taken too.

We worked really hard the past few weeks setting up a sweet little school room for them, and on our first day we celebrate with a cute back to school breakfast in their new space.

Our first week went really well.  Better than I had even expected really.  

They are so cute and my camera roll is now full of 2129834913874 pictures of them doing school and looking so darn sweet.

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