Monday, December 17, 2018

Ballerina Brynn

Brynn started ballet this week, again ;)

We tried when she was three. But, that was me just being an eager beaver and wanted her to start as soon as she was old enough to be let in the doors haha!  That lasted about two months before she was over it.  She would rather be with her mama.  So I left it alone and decided to wait until she picked something herself and voiced herself to me without me asking.

Well, I guess five was the magic age and she started begging for months, basically all summer for me to sign her up for dance.  I told her we would start when she started kindergarten and she was SO happy.

I signed her up at my old dance school from when I was little.  She actually has my same dance teacher from 20 years ago.  It's really pretty special, Brynn thinks so too.

And here she is in all her ballerina glory.  The cutest one I ever did see.

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