Monday, December 17, 2018

September school

September school was great.
We first did a farm theme.  It was so much fun, we transformed our entire school room into an interactive farm.  The girls made it all!!!  We had a barn, chicken coop, chickens, pigs, horses and cows.  They were obsessed and they literally did not touch a single toy for two weeks, all they did was play in here.  We listened to farmer music, dressed like little farmer girls and did all the farm chores each day.

We "milked cows"

Washed muddy farm animals.

And then took a field trip to the farm at the very end of it all.

The second half of September we did an apple theme. We learned all about apples, the apple life cycle, parts of an apple and Johnny Appleseed.  We did some science experiments, art and planted apple seeds and watched them sprout.

At the end we celebrated Johnny Appleseed  Day with our homeschool friends.  

Ballerina Brynn

Brynn started ballet this week, again ;)

We tried when she was three. But, that was me just being an eager beaver and wanted her to start as soon as she was old enough to be let in the doors haha!  That lasted about two months before she was over it.  She would rather be with her mama.  So I left it alone and decided to wait until she picked something herself and voiced herself to me without me asking.

Well, I guess five was the magic age and she started begging for months, basically all summer for me to sign her up for dance.  I told her we would start when she started kindergarten and she was SO happy.

I signed her up at my old dance school from when I was little.  She actually has my same dance teacher from 20 years ago.  It's really pretty special, Brynn thinks so too.

And here she is in all her ballerina glory.  The cutest one I ever did see.

Brynn starts kindergarten

It's a big year for our big girl.
This year she starts kindergarten.

We decided to homeschool her and we are both really excited about the adventure together.  
She loves being home with me, and I love her being home with me.

And just because you are homeschooled doesn't mean that you don't need a sweet apple dress and a photoshoot to commemorate the special day.

Even little sis had some "pre-school" pictures taken too.

We worked really hard the past few weeks setting up a sweet little school room for them, and on our first day we celebrate with a cute back to school breakfast in their new space.

Our first week went really well.  Better than I had even expected really.  

They are so cute and my camera roll is now full of 2129834913874 pictures of them doing school and looking so darn sweet.

Jo-Rex turns 3

Jolie has been saying for months that she wanted a dinosaur birthday and a dinosaur cake!  At first I was like...mmm come again? Lets keep thinking.  But she was dead set on this. And for months her decision never wavered.  I decided to take the challenge of a girly dinosaur party head on, and it turned out really adorable actually and she was happy as can be!

We started the day with our traditional birthday breakfast, donuts and candles!

That day we took her to build a bear to make her own bear.  Steve took Brynn around this same age to get her "Mr. Bear" that she sleeps with every night.  Jo was so excited to make her own, and when it came time to name him...we got another "Mr. Bear."

Being three is hard work!  Once we got home we made a successful crib transfer and the birthday girl napped while we set up for a birthday dinner.  Pizza and a dinosaur cake on the menu.  Family came over and we played outside, played on the swing set, had a water balloon fight and opened presents.
It was such a simple and sweet day for our little JoJo.

Jolie, You are such a light to our family.  The perfect little caboose.  You are the sweetest, tiniest, cutest, funniest little thing ever and I can't ever get enough of you.  
Happy 3rd birthday!