Sunday, August 26, 2018

Gulf Shores Summer Trip

This trip was meant to be a little relaxing and a little wedding planning for Stephanie.  We are on the wedding countdown - with less than two months to go til she and my brother get married. So, she had quite a few appointments and loose ends to tie up and I happily tagged along.  Also, just two days before we were supposed to leave for grandma "Honey" fell and broke her pelvis and ended up in the hospital. So, while that was bad timing, we were happy to be able to be there to bring her some love, entertainment and helping hands for my grandfather.

Brynn has such a special way with her and it melts my heart.  Her caring heart and kind ways make me so proud to be her mom.

Brynn and Steve using the John Deere to cut the yard for my grandparents.

Things are getting harder and harder and a lot sad with Honey's Alzheimers progressing, and my grandfather being her only care taker.  They don't have any family close by and he does not want to leave his house.  So, Im not sure where that will take us all in the future, but we have a lot to figure out...sooner rather than later.  It's really hard watching her turn into someone else, but she still gives  us many glimpses of her super witty and sassy sense of humor and instantly its like she is back with us.  These trips are becoming even more important now and I want my children to have as many memories as possible with them.

On a happier note, we were able to get some kite flying, sand digger hunting, hammock laying, hermit crab catching and many glorious sunsets with the ones we love most!

After a full week of family time together well spent we were heading back home to celebrate a certain little blondie's THIRD birthday!

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