Sunday, August 26, 2018

B's big girl hair cut

If you would have asked me a year ago if I would ever cut my girls' hair you would have gotten a big fat no way!!!  I am a long hair down to your little heiney kind of girl through and through.  Brynn's hair had taken five whole years to get down to her waist! And while I loved it, it only looked pretty when it was braided and in a true hair style every single day.  It was super thin, would tangle minutes after being brushed and she still had so much new hair growth coming in.

I had mentioned cutting it about a year prior and my mom suggested we let her go through summer and see if it thickened up.  Well, it didn't and then I was faced with do I have the actual guts to cut it? Now, she on the other hand had been wanting a little bob since her little friends in preschool had one. So, I eventually braved up and made the appointment and she could not have been more excited!

Before we left we took about one million 'ode to little baby hairs" pictures in front of the garage and then took off to the salon.  I may have let out quite a few squeals and shrieks! But we did it!

we cut 8 inches off so we can donate it :)

And ya'll just when I thought she couldn't possibly be any cuter!  

She did it! ....and I am so obsessed with this little cut on her.  and so is she!  She brushed it and blow dried it every single day for a solid two weeks after every swim and shower.  I even caught her telling her little sister in the middle of a tiff "You're just jealous of my short hair!" Oh boy!

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