Sunday, August 26, 2018

Brynn turns FIVE!

Brynn is FIVE!

Ya'll it doesn't seem possible.
She just turned four!  I still remember taking her picture in her little red tutu with her big number four balloon.  That was just yesterday, I swear!  Five is officially big girl hood and I can't quite wrap my head around it.  I remember teaching kindergarten and being pregnant with Brynn.  That stage of childhood seemed so far away, but alas here we are.  But you know what, I love this age.  It's amazing and it makes me a little bit more ok with her growing up.

I asked Brynn a few months back if she would rather have a birthday party with friends, or go to Disney with the family (my mom & Steve's dad came with us).  & she chose Disney.  We went for three days, one hotel day, one day in Magic Kingdom and another hotel day.  I let Brynn choose what she wanted to wear and she was insistent on wearing a princess dress and it had to be Snow White.  The Snow White love runs strong with this girl.  Jolie chose Rapunzel and together they were the two cutest little princess sisters.

The girls had a blast riding all the rides and taking it all in.  We of course met the princesses again, Brynn was so in love like she has always been, gazing and hugging with all her might...and Jolie was in absolute awww covering her mouth in amazement...and shy as ever.  The highlight of the day was Snow White coming over to Brynn during the parade and tell her Happy Birthday and blowing her a kiss.  Brynn couldn't believe it and it totally made her birthday.

That night we came back to the hotel and had pizza and princess cake for the Birthday princess.  It was the perfect day!

The hotel we stayed at was amazing!  I cannot say enough great things about it, and probably could have stayed there for another two more days.  They had so much to do for the kids and so many activities planned for them.  They enjoyed playing in the pirate pool, going down the water slide one million times, holding alligators, indulging in ice cream sundaes and frozen drinks by the pool.  They basically lived their best lives for three days.

It was a great vacation with many memories made.  Cannot believe my sweet baby is the big FIVE!

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