Sunday, April 15, 2018

Sister Snipets

Its been a while since I have done a little update on the girls.  They are growing up at warp speed and I want to take a little time to jot down some things about these sweet girls of mine.


Brynn turns five in two weeks.  How did that happen?  I really don't feel like I'm old enough for that haha!  But here we are.  Four has been amazing and I'm really looking forward to five.  She is my big girl, my little friend... always by my side.  Brynn is so sweet and loving, a people pleaser, a perfectionist, a girly girl through and through.  She loves doing crafts together, loves to paint and draw, loves ballet, singing and helping me cook. Will only wear dresses and tell me which hairstyle she would like each day.  She is still an animal lover through and through and shares all my little farmhouse dreams.  She's so tall, its sometimes shocking to me, her teeny tiny mama. A spitting image of her daddy and after five that is finally all the way down her back.  She loves learning and doing school time.  Our favorite time together is working at the kitchen table on projects during Jolies nap, or reading chapters from a new chapter book before bed.


2 1/2.  We still call her the baby ;) and in many ways she still feels so much that way even though she is approaching three.  Jolie, my little mini me.  She just had her two year check up last month ( a little late, oops!) and is only in the 3rd percentile for height.  She is my teeny tiny petite thing, but I just love that about her.  It also probably lets her get away with way more than she should!  I have to remind myself all the time she's almost three! Jolie is a sassy thing. Thick in the throes of terrible two's and threenager-ness, but equal parts sweet. Loves to cuddle, rock in the rocking chair, bubbles,  and swinging.  She asks "swing me!" from the time she opens her eyes til dinner time and saying no to this is the source of many melt downs.  She is so silly and is always trying to make us laugh.  She is a mamas girl and loves to climb up on the couch and say "I need you" or "cuddle you!"


These two are best friends and follow each other around morning til night.  Jolie is infatuated by Brynn. Always trying to make her laugh or copy exactly what she does.  She always wants to be exactly the same.  They are always hugging and kissing and will at the same time be in a knock down drag out fight over wanting the same doll.  I always say they are either  loving each other hard or ready to kill each other and there is no in between ;)  They  have been begging to share a room, so last week I finally moved them in together.  It has been the sweetest thing.  I love watching them on the monitor at night, so many giggles.  Jolie sneaking out of her bed to Brynn's for one more kiss, and Brynn singing her songs for her to fall asleep.  Every morning I hear one wake up and call the other one....and then they walk out together holding hands.  I just know they are going to build so many memories together in there.  <3

And that's my two girlies at nearly five and 2 1/2 and time you can slow down now. ok, thanks!


  1. What a sweet update on your girls! My girls are 2 and 10 months, so I'm looking forward to the days when they are really interacting and playing with each other like this.

    1. Thank you, It's the best! And you can finally get somewhat of a break for the first time ever ;)