Thursday, March 29, 2018

Easter Activities

We have been very busy getting in all our fun Easter activities this week.  
We started with our annual Easter egg lunch.  The girls love this, and I love making it for them each year.

When I used to teach kindergarten sometimes we would do these things called directed drawings.  As the teacher I would draw one part of a picture at a time and they would copy me on their own paper. It was always cute to see how cute and different they all turned out.  I decided to do one of a bunny with Brynn this week and then let her paint it afterwards.  She absolutely loved this activity.

Afterwards, she had me draw and cut out numerous Easter pictures for her to paint.  She literally did this for hours.

This morning while I was doing Brynn's hair I was talking to her about the last supper in preparation for Easter.  Afterwards, she walked out of the room while I started working on Jolie's hair.  I walked out to find her sitting down drawing a beautiful picture of the "feast."  So sweet!  She even gave some of them angel wings ;)

Later, we dyed our eggs.  While we were in Alabama, Brynn picked out this spinning contraption that you stick the egg in with dye and then press the spinner and it makes them all marbled and pretty.  We started with that and they turned out so pretty.  But, silly could it slip my mind that I should have bought two.  Twoooo of everything, when will I learn my lesson.  Afterwards, we did a few the old fashioned way.

At night we did our egg bath we do every year.  We empty all the toys out of the tub and fill with bubbles and plastic eggs.  Its always a hit and the girls stayed in for a whole hour tonight.

(side note, say good bye to the last and final picture of the brown bathtub! tomorrow it will finally be white as the last and final piece of our bathroom renovation!!!)

We really wanted to go to the Easter Maundy service tonight at church, but once again, Jolie has a runny nose and cough that we brought home from Alabama.  I am hoping that she is well enough for us to go to the Good Friday service tomorrow. 

We plan to read some Easter books tomorrow, and make our resurrection rolls!

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