Saturday, February 3, 2018

Life Lately

So glad that January is behind us.  It was definitely one for the books.  It all started with Brynn coming home sick from school the very first day back from winter break.  The doctor diagnosed her with pneumonia and we went home with a bunch of medications.  Two days later Steve tested positive for the flu.  So, I then spent the next two days keeping him quarantined from the girls.  Taking care of him and then Brynn and juggling Jolie. Fast forward to the following day, Jolie wakes up at 2 am crying with 104 fever, rush her to the ER and she is diagnosed with the flu.  The doctor there told me he thinks Brynn had the flu all along and that's how Steve initially caught it, it just had turned into pneumonia.  All of this to say it was one looooong, hellish, never ending week that left me super traumatized.

Like so much that I cringe sending Brynn to school every day now.  And you know, the news certainly isn't helping my anxiety with this situation.  This is when I'm like, yep...if we lived on a farm we wouldn't have to worry about this craziness.  Just another check in the pro category for the secluded life. Sign me up.

Anyhow, we are all well now.  Thank God!  We have been spending a lot of time being homebodies, because again, germs.  But honestly, we kind of enjoy being homebodies.  I love watching the girls grow to be more and more inseparable. Jolie cries every time Brynn leaves each morning and then is her shadow until she goes to bed.  It really is the cutest.

We are looking forward to the warmer sunnier spring weather! So ready for beach and pool days to be back!

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