Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Bring on spring

Come fall every year I start to get so envious of the cooler and crisper temps that other places are experiencing.  And then, come Christmas time I get envious of peoples snow.  Basically, anyone who has seasons!  But come February in Florida its PERFECT! And while its cold and snowy everywhere else its 80 degrees here with no humidity.  Its the best! Warm enough for the beach, and cool enough to play outside all day while being warm but not sweating and its just glorious.  

The beginning of the month it was so warm but our pool was still a little chilly so, we filled these tubs up with water and added some bubbles and the girls had a blast!  After this they asked for it every single day for the next week!  But hey, no bath needed afterwards! win win!

We also had our first perfect beach day!  The girls had so much fun, and for the first time in my life I was able to sit in my beach chair.  I think we are entering a new phase here in life and its kind of glorious.  The girls played together digging and making castles and in the water together the entire time!

And lets not forget about all the sundresses!  Because, as always dressing up these sweet babies is my absolute favorite.  And give me all the eyelet, and lace and bubbles and seersucker!  

We finally opened the pool about two weeks ago, and while its way to chilly for this mama, these two little girls aren't phased one bit.

And now every afternoon around four we stay outside swinging and playing until about 6:30 before dinner and bath and its just the best.

So, if you need us, thats where we will be...outside soaking up the few great months before summer hits us in two months and we are sweating just walking to the mailbox or dripping in the five minutes it takes me to buckle the kids in the car ;)

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