Tuesday, January 2, 2018

December Happenings

December was crazy busy and passed by in what seems like the blink of an eye.  The main reason it went by so quickly was probably because it was jam packed full of fun.

We started the month off with the return of our elf Puffy.  He came and brought the girls their annual north pole breakfast.  & then later that day our new Christmas friend "Sheppie" the Shepherd came to help us go on a quest all month of December to find the real treasure of Christmas.

This kind of fun, will never ever get old to me. Pure magic!

Afterwards, we played hookie from school and went to visit Santa at the mall.  Brynn asked for a wedding barbie and Jolie asked for a doll and toys.  They both loved him, although as soon as I put Jolie on his lap she would not look up.  He was cool to talk to, wave and give high fives...but the lap is where she draws the line apparently.

Then, we celebrated my 33rd birthday.  The girls were waiting for me with birthday donuts when I woke up, complete with candles and singing.  My mom took me out to get my nails and hair done and buy some clothes.  So, that was really nice to take care of myself for the first time in a long time, it felt really good.  That night we went to my parents for dinner, pizza..and my choice of dessert...banana pudding!  It was the best birthday I have had in a long time.

The second week of December we headed off to Ohio for Steve's annual family Christmas party.  Brynn had not been on a plane since she was one, and this was Jolie's first plane ride.  Both girls did great going up.  Jolie coming home was another story, lets just say she cried for two hours straight and I wanted to melt into my seat and disappear.

Once we got there though, we were met with snow on the ground and we were all so happy!  The girls and I had hoped and prayed that there would be snow.  They were in love to say the least.  The second day we were there it actually started snowing so we got all suited up and headed out to play in it, made snow angels and caught snow flakes on our tongues.

The Christmas party was so wonderful and it was so nice to finally meet so much of Steve's family finally.  We had a really great time and made great memories.

Traveling with two little ones was super exhausting, and them being sick the whole time on top of it made it even more difficult.  We got home late and the next morning was Brynn's Christmas show and party.  She looked so sweet standing up there and singing all her Christmas songs.  I still can't believe she is in school already.

We spent the next week trying to cram in all the other activities and festivities like salt dough ornament making, cookie baking, going to see Christmas lights and delivering holiday cheer to the neighborhood.

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