Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Brynn's first Nutcracker

Growing up I always loved the nutcracker.  It first started when I danced in it as a child and carried through with me until now.  When I was younger my mom would buy me little Nutcracker gifts and take me to see the ballet for my birthdays.  Being a girl mom, taking Brynn to see her first nutcracker and starting this tradition with her has been something that I have been anxiously awaiting.  This year  with B being four, I thought she might finally be at an age where she could make it through the three hour performance and enjoy it.

The day of the nutcracker we surprised her with her very own pink Nutcracker with the year on it.  I plan to buy her a new one every year and always give it to her the day we go to the ballet.  She was so happy and excited.

Brynn lasted the whole show until the last two numbers when I looked down and realized she was asleep on my shoulder.  Poor thing was so tired from her sleep over at grammies the night before.  But she was a trooper and she really enjoyed the show.

When we got home her and Jolie dressed up in old ballet shoes and all the tutus and did multiple performances for us. :)

That night when I went to check on her before I went to bed I found her sleeping like this.
Its the little things like this I never want to forget.

It was such a sweet day.

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