Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Halloween 2017

Halloween has come and gone, in fact it is almost Thanksgiving!  So, I better get this all down for memories sake.  Sometimes, well... a lot of times.. this blog goes on the back burner when things get busy.  But it is always in the back of my mind.  I often, even write myself sticky this, blog that.  I don't want to leave out any of the major memories and so..its always on the to do list, even if it takes several weeks.
So, alas Halloween 2017.
Keeping with the family tradition, this year we did Little Red Riding Hood.
Starring:  Brynn: Little Red, Daddy: The Axeman Mommy: the grandma Jolie: The "little" bad wolf

I know I say this every year, but THIS was the best year yet.  For the first year every Brynn was SO excited about her costume, and not shy at all about putting it on and everyone looking at her.  She was in love with herself.  As per usual, daddy was took his costume to the next level.  I mean he always goes ALL OUT and gosh, I love that about him.  He always makes it special for the girls.  Jolie was the wolf, and although she would not wear her cute little head piece, I let it go and she looked just as adorable with a big red bow.  

The girls ran from house to house trick or treating.  Jolie got it down pat real quick and had the time of her life, saying over and over "cannneeee...wooook!" followed by "More, moreee canneeee!".  Brynn was a great big sister and helped her along.  Brynn could not get to the next house fast enough, and had the best manner saying trick or treat and happy halloween to everyone.  For the first year ever we did the whole entire neighborhood.  I brought the wagon for Jolie but she refused and walked and lugged that big pumpkin of candy around all night.  If you asked her if she wanted to be carried or ride she would say "nope! I do it!!"

Grammie and Papa, Aunt NeNe and Aunt Gena all came over to watch the girls trick or treat and I made home made chili for everyone, which has become a tradition the past three years.  

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