Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Brynn's final touch!

For awhile now Brynn has been asking to get her ears pierced.  I decided when she was born that the whole newborn ear piercing was just not my thing.  I got mine done in the second grade, it was my birthday and I was so excited.  Even as a grown adult I still remember it like it was yesterday and I knew I wanted my girls to have the same experience.  Probably about a year ago Brynn asked, but after telling her what that all entailed she quickly was not about the whole ordeal and the whole subject was dropped.  That was until school started of course.  Im pretty sure that that is when she realized most girls have their ears pierced.  She started coming home every day asking to get hers pierced too.  I had many conversations with her about how she didn't need them to be pretty, that she was beautiful just the way God made her...and of course many talks about how we don't need to be like everyone else.  Her response to all this??? "Mom, I know Im already beautiful, I just need them for my final touch!"  And I mean who am I to argue with that sweet and perfect little response.

SO, last weekend we took Brynn to get her final touch!
She was so excited she could hardly stand it.  I could tell she was a little nervous but she wanted them so bad she was not walking out of there without those earrings.  She sat so still, held that teddy bear and barely flinched when they went in.  Her face when she saw herself in the mirror was just pure joy, & my heart could have burst seeing the way she looked at herself in that moment.  We celebrated with milk shakes and an earring photo shoot afterwards.

& just when I thought she couldn't get any cuter..her final touch just put her right over the top!

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