Tuesday, September 26, 2017

We did it! B goes to school!

I never thought I'd see the day!
My sweet baby is officially a preschooler.
When you have your babies it really does feel like school is forever a lifetime away.  
But alas...here we are.  I blinked and its time for pre-k.  Although I can hardly stand it, I am very excited for her and her new adventures of big girl-hood.

This sweet girl and I have spent every day, every minute together for the last four years...I mean she is practically my right arm.  & sissy and I have quickly realized just exactly how much we lean on this sweet girl of ours.  We sure do miss her while she is gone.  I have never been good with change, I hate it actually, and it really makes me quite anxious.  We have had our little groove over here for the past four years of slow mornings and no set schedule to live by.  Just me my girls livin' day by day...doing all the fun things.  Which also makes me so happy I decided to be a stay at home mom, this season of life goes so quickly and I am so, so thankful I never missed a minute.  Having a schedule and somewhere to be and having to be dressed by a set time...has certainly taken some adjusting to.  Thankful its only preschool & 3 hours a day since we are slow adjusters...baby steps.  Im not ready to think that this is only the beginning of so many years of school.  

Two weeks in though, I can say we are finding our new groove and finding more positives than I thought I would be able to.  Having something to force me to get everyone up and dressed has been good for us.  Brynn is loving school, making friends and just really enjoying it, which makes my heart so happy for her.

All summer we read all sorts of books about starting school from the library, hoping I could psych her up as much as possible.  I bought the cutest back pack and lunch box, of course monogrammed.  Labeled al her supplies with cute little unicorn personalized labels and bought all the cute school dresses and matching shoes I could find.  She would go back and forth between being super excited about it and then would sometimes stop and say "but I don't want to leave you."  One of the books that we read was called Birdie Goes to School.  In the book the little girl is nervous so her mom takes off her locket and gives it to her so she can always feel like she is close to her.  Brynn loved this and said " I wish I had one of those!"  I quickly took note and ordered Brynn a locket of her own for the first day.  I filled it with a family picture of the four of us on one side and her and sissy on the other side.  The first day of school I surprised her with it and a little note.  She loved it so much and her reaction was the sweetest thing, and I will always remember it.

We all four walked into school together for the first day, well, Brynn actually skipped.  She was so excited.  She gave me and her dad and JoJo all a kiss and walked right in without ever looking back.  I was so glad she didn't cry because I honestly would not have been able to handle it.  I watched the clock like a hawk that day and counted the minutes until we could go get her!  The anticipation of hearing about her day was killing me!   Being reunited was the best feeling ever, she had the best day, loved her teacher and her new friends.  Hearing all about her days and what she learned on our way home is now one of my favorite parts of the day.  

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