Monday, August 28, 2017

Our Fourth

(just realized I never hit the publish button on this one)

The Fourth has always been one of my favorite holidays, probably just second to Christmas.  This year we have been here about two months now, but usually this is the week of the summer we always choose to come up to the beach house.  I just love being at the beach, the whole family in one house, beach all day, drinks and cookouts at night and everything red, white and blue. 

This year my family came up that Friday before to join us for the fourth.  Friday was also Steve and I's 6th wedding anniversary.  When Steve and I got married I knew I wanted to do it here in Gulf Shores, and I knew I wanted to do it at my favorite place my grandparents house and on my favorite weekend of the year, so all our friends could join in for the fun.  So, having our anniversary the same weekend always makes it extra special now.  That Friday, since everyone was driving up still we ended up for the first year not having a babysitter and not being able to go to our usual restaurant date like we usually do every year.  It was ok though, we spent the day at the beach with the girls and met everyone down at my grandparents for drinks at sunset.  The girls were soooo happy to be reunited with their grandparents after seven weeks.

Tuesday the fourth we woke up and started the day with our flag cake tradition.  My brother, cousin and I have been making this cake every fourth since we were about 5.  Then we headed down to the beach and stayed alllll day.  And wouldn't you know it it was the most beautiful beach day of our entire stay.  Not a cloud in the sky and the water was kiddy-perfection!  We stayed until around five and headed back up for showers and to start our shrimp boil.  We used to do ribs, but three years ago changed to this and its just so much fun.

After dinner we took the girls down in the backyard to do sparklers.  Brynn was a little scared of them and only wanted to do two, which was funny because last year she was all about them.  This year was Jolie's first sparkler experience and she was all about it and not scared one bit, as per usual.

Afterwards, we headed back down to our beach house and tucked Jolie in for bed.  Steve stayed behind with her, while my parents and I walked back down to the beach with Brynn for the fireworks show.  She was just as amazed as last year and loved every bit of it and immediately asked if we could do it again.