Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Memorial day weekend recap

We had the best Memorial Day weekend.  My two best friends from elementary school and their husbands and kids all joined us at our beach house for three days.  I seriously still cannot believe that it actually happened and that everyone made it and we were all in the same house! We talk in a group chat every day all sometimes it feels like we are just virtual friends haha!  Being together after all these years was just the best thing ever!  We have all been friends for 22 years which always makes me feel super old when I say that out loud!

We had six adults and 8 kids in this house and it was pure madness, but we enjoyed every second.  I don't think it was ever quiet for a single minute but, it was the best kind of chaos.  The kids enjoyed each other so was like I wasn't even here because Brynn could have cared less about me!

& when you get together with the one person in the world who loves matching as much as you, you match them alllllll!

It rained a lot, which stunk..but cleared up just in time for Memorial Day and we had the best time playing out in the lagoon.  Babies galore and it was such a happy day!

The big girls were in their own world and played from sun up to sun down, dolls, dress up and make believe parties.  They would just run from room to room trying to escape all the boys.  No boys allowed was their key phrase all weekend.  They were too stinkin' cute together.

The kids lived off mac n cheese, uncrustables and lucky charms...vacation food ya know! & they loved every bit of it.

We did a low country shrimp boil for our "non southern friends" and they loved it...its all about the experience..& you can't come to the gulf and not have the shrimp!

The adults stayed up late and drank wine, played games and laughed til it hurt and it was so nice to just enjoy adult conversation!  Plain good for the soul!

We just had such a great time and I HOPEEE it can become a tradition that we meet up the same weekend every year with all our babies.


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