Thursday, June 22, 2017

Cousin Time

Our second beach house visitor was my cousin Heather and her two boys.  She lives a few hours north of here and it had been a whole year since I saw her last.  She last came to visit me last May to meet Jolie and since then she has had another little baby boy and so our visit was long over due!
She came just for the weekend only, short and sweet but the kids had a blast!

The girls loved having a baby around.  They were on him like white on rice and could not get enough.  He must have had a lasting impact because Brynn has since said that she wants a baby brother.  But what she has since said is she would like a baby boy...but once he turns into a bigger boy we need to give him away ;)

We spent the day at the beach together where the kids dug the day away, Steve caught them a giant crab in their bucket which kept their attention for hours, Heather let the kids bury her, which Im sure she probably super regretted later haha and we ended the evening with babies all over their great grandparents.  

These pictures melt my heart to pieces.

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