Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Beach Dayyyzzz

I haven't been doing much blogging since being here at the beach, and well, thats because I have been trying to just enjoy these babies and this family of mine to the max!  Doesn't mean I haven't taken one million pictures as per usual though, and sooo it's time for a little picture recap of our past month at the beach house.

Our routine has pretty much been eat, beach, sleep repeat.  And after a few full beach days in a row we take a little sun break and do some exploring and go to different towns,  have lunch, visit the cream.  It has been so fun.  Steve works in the mornings through Jolie's nap and after that its all family time.  I have enjoyed spending all this time together the four of us.  So much togetherness and undivided attention on the girls and it has been so great.   Also, my grandparents are down the street so, we have enjoyed so much special quality time with them as well.  They are 80 and so all this time with them has been beyond special.  They are enjoying the girls so much, and its so beautiful to watch the happiness the girls bring to them.  Because there can never be enough.  Which is kind of how I feel about toddler swim wear.  Never enough. Never.

And just like that month one is in the books!

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