Wednesday, May 3, 2017

B is for butterfly

Brynn knows the letter B pretty well..since her name starts with it and all. But...I didn't want to skip over it in our curriculum because it went with butterflies and I looove teaching the butterfly life cycle. Brynn is into all things bugs.  As much as she is a girly girl to the fullest she is always outside looking for beetles and caterpillars and any bug really to catch and keep for a while.  

Back in my kindergarten teacher days, I loved teaching the life cycle and ordering the caterpillars to watch the whole butterfly metamorphosis.  I just knew it would be right up Brynn's alley.  I actually ordered her butterfly garden as one of her birthday gifts.  She got such a kick out of this..she woke up every single morning with her first words being ..."I need to check on my caterpillars." Jolie was pretty interested too...and would walk by them all day saying "buuuug....yuck! ewwww!" & once they were butterflies she would say all day "Hiiii flyyyyyy, awwwww"

I have to say, having the butterflies at home was much more fun than in the classroom.  Here we didn't miss a thing and we actually saw them make their chrysalis and actually watched every one of them hatch and open their wings for the first time.  And at barely four Brynn can tell you anything you want to know about butterflies from their chrysalis, to their scales to how they taste with their feet and use their proboscis to drink.  I mean proboscis and metamorphosis from a preschooler.  She must have an awesome teacher ;)

The whole process was about two weeks and I was pretty sure that Brynn's attachment was going to be an issue on release day.  But, much to my surprise she was very happy about doing it and couldn't wait.  We decided to take them to our favorite park to let them go because its pretty much the prettiest place we know.  We stopped by Mc Donald's to bring lunch and eat first.  Cool mom points???  

Brynn grabbed each one out and loved every second of them landing on her before they took off.  Oh my heavens these pictures just melt me to a puddle.  Pure happiness and joy on this girls face.  Nothing she loves more than a good dress, nature and animals.  

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