Monday, April 3, 2017

Sense of the resurrection

I love taking time off from our regular homeschool schedule for the holidays. For December we took the month off to work on "Truth in the Tinsel" and learn the Christmas story. Now we are taking April off to do lots of different Easter cooking and art projects as well as a new study we found this year, "Sense of the Resurrection."  So far I have loved it!  It is really painting a real picture for Brynn of what happened to Jesus as his death and resurrection was approaching.  

Each day has a little project to go with the scripture for that day, and then a little easy flag printable to decorate and hang as an Easter decoration.  We have ours hanging in the playroom and I love that she can look at it and it help retell the story for her.

So far we've done lots of fun projects like making our own perfume, making a wind chime, washing each others feet like Jesus, breaking bread all that go along with a different story each day.

I can't wait to see her finished banner hanging up on the wall come Easter and for her to be able to tell the full story of Jesus' resurrection.  I love a good tradition, and I'm excited about this one for the girls each year.  

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