Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Paint filled egg fun!

You ever have those random days where you have a sudden burst of energy and are able to get so much done in one day?!?  Yesterday was totally one of those days for me, it was such a good day.  The girls and I had so much fun, everyone was happy and at the end of the day I felt like super mom. Why can't all days be like that right!  I feel like I am much more productive on the days that Steve works out of the house.  Most of the time Steve works from home, and about one...occasionally two days a week he works away from home and I always feel like I get more done when he is gone haha.  I guess he is a distraction for me..and on those days I sip my coffee a little bit longer and talk a little bit more I suppose.  

Any who! Paint filled eggs!
I had seen this on pinterest and just knew the girls would love it.  I mean, anything that requires being outside and making a mess is pretty much going to be a win.  During Jolie's morning nap Brynn and I got this project all together and it was pretty simple to prep.  All you need are eggs and paint!  We took all the eggs and just cracked a small hole at the top of each egg with a butter knife and emptied the insides into a bowl.  After each egg was emptied we ran water in them to clean them out and then set them back inside the egg carton.  I filled each egg with paint.  I only filled halfway to save paint, but I'm sure all the way full is fine too.  Then, I cut squares out of tissue paper, ran a glue stick over the paper and placed on top of each egg hole.  Brynn helped me with this part.  Lastly, I hung some large chart paper on the fence at their eye levels.

I did  not think I was going to be able to get Brynn to wait for Jolie to wake up to do this, but I got a little creative and we managed.  I threw the first one to show them and the rest was history.  They had a blast!  Brynn was doing countdowns then throwing them and screaming.  Jolie would just run up to the paper and slam her egg on it haha!  Brynn is already asking to do this again, such messy fun!

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