Monday, April 24, 2017

Fun in the sun

The weather lately has been awesome!  Warm enough for all things water, yet not so hot that I'm sweating!  

The Easter bunny brought this awesome little splash pad, so we broke that in this week.  The girls loved it and entertained them several afternoons this week.  I especially love that I don't have to fill it up and then empty it every single time.  

We spent all day Friday at my moms park and pool  We have our own pool in our backyard but, hers is huge and has a park connected to it.  So, it was fun to switch it up.  I packed us a picnic lunch and the girls ate between fun.  I think this is definitely something I am going to add to our weekly rotation.  My mom met us up there and the girls just loved that.  It was a total win when Brynn ASKED to go to bed at 7:00!

Looking forward to more swimming, splash pads and beach days with these little sun kissed beauties!

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