Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter 2017

We spent the past week at the beach and had fun dying our eggs and decorating them on our last night.
Egg dying went something like this.
Brynn super duper into it, taking her time, dying, decorating ever so carefully ..so much attention to detail.
Jolie squealing to hold eggs and then hulk smashing them to the ground!
But, they sure do look cute don't they!

Easter day was filled with tearing into those Easter baskets, going to church and egg hunting!

This years baskets consisted of bubbles, candy, new sippy cups, bathing suits & pool toys.

This picture blew Brynn's mind! She could not believe that I caught the Easter Bunny and proceeded to tell everyone she came in contact with that day how her mommy caught the bunny :)

Of all the things Brynn got, it was the pez that rocked her world, which she then later realized she's not the biggest fan of.

The egg hunt was hilarious.  Brynn was a pro and Jolie reminded me so much of Brynn her first year. Brynn was instructed to find all the eggs that were hidden and leave the ones in the open grass for her sister and she did just that.  Jolie would pick up one egg at time immediately crack it open, eat what inside then repeat.  In the end Brynn found the golden egg and got the money and was so proud of herself!

Love this family of mine and I am so thankful that because of Jesus and his sacrifice I get to have these loves in my life.

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