Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Annual Easter Egg Lunch

There are a few traditions that I love to do year after year and this egg lunch is always one of them.
I have been doing them since Brynn was teeny tiny and I was so excited for Jolie to be included this year.  I even went through all the years passed pictures with Brynn to show her and remind her about them.  She could not wait for Jolie to wake up from nap to get their party on.

I always just take an old egg carton and cut it up for it to have six containers.  Then, I use plastic easter eggs and fill them up with different little things.  Usually some fruit, snacks and always a peep for dessert.  I actually need to desperately go food shopping so I just used what I had on hand today, so we had, gold fish, cheese puffs, pepperoni, cheese, a pickle and blue chick peep.  

Brynn flew her eggs and quickly asked for seconds.  Jolie was so funny and only cracked and ate one egg at a time until I helped her along to see she had lots of stuff :)

And of course the icing on the cake is always when they find the peep!

Such a fun tradition and the most they've eaten for lunch in what seems like forever!

past egg lunches

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