Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Gulf Shores

We took off the day after Steve's birthday to our favorite place, Gulf Shores.  We always can't wait to get back.  We went back in October, but the girls hadn't been since July.  Brynn was so excited to see her Honey and Pops and to see "their" ocean.

As usual the drive was super brutal.  Thank God for my mom coming with us and helping me out.  we take turns in the back seat with the kids, 5 hours each which makes the ten hours a tad bit more bearable. On the times my mom doesn't come with us I am definitely losing my sanity major!

It was still chilly in Gulf Shores...highs only in the upper 60's low 70's for an hour or two.  We still managed to get in lots of beach time..just not in bathing suits.  The girls didn't seem to mind and had a blast digging and collecting shells.  Seeing Jolie's excitement and involvement makes me so excited for this summer!  Last summer she was just a baby hanging out under the umbrella with me.

We also got in some much needed time with the girls great grandparents which we always treasure.  Honey's 79th birthday is this coming Friday so we surprised her with a cake after dinner our last night there.  She was so surprised and even started crying.

It was sad to leave!  Its always hard to leave but it always makes it better knowing we will be back soon.  We invited my two best friends and their husbands and kids to come with us next time to the beach house for Memorial Day and I am so excited I can't hardly stand it!

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