Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Beauty and the Beast

Brynn is princess obsessed and months ago when we saw the preview for Beauty and the Beast we were SO excited.  We have been counting down for it to come out, even daddy.  This is his favorite princess movie ;)  

Brynn has only been to the movie theatre like three times in her little life, so its still a pretty big deal to her and she couldn't wait...telling anyone who would listen that she was going to see Belle at the big theatre.  

I tried to make the day special and bought her this Belle night gown for the night before.  I had it laying on the couch for after her bath and she was soooo happy when she saw it.

The next day I had her close her eyes and brought out a new Belle dress I bought special for her to wear that day to the movies.  Her expression was priceless.  She put both hands over her mouth and gasped, followed by jumping up and down shouting I love it, I love it! and giving her daddy and I hugs.  Gosh, I love how the little things make her so over the top happy.

She looked so adorable all dressed up.

We got her a popcorn and blue icee and she was set to go.

The movie was over two hours long and I was proud that her little three year old self was able to sit through the whole thing.  The beast scared her a little bit and she told everyone who asked her about the movie "I loved it, but the beast was scary!" :)

The movie was amazing! & it turned out to be such a special memory for the three of us.

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