Thursday, March 16, 2017


This past weekend our sweet baby girls got baptized.  We finally found our church home this past summer, and it feels so good.  Prior to this church and babies..Steve and I went to a huge Christian church that we loved, but weren't a part of and felt like we just blended in with the crowd.  I always knew once we had kids that I desired a small, homey church.  One where everyone knows everyone and my kids by name and loved them.  It took me awhile to decide to step out and to be brave enough to let someone else watch my children, but I knew we needed church in our lives again.  I remembered a teacher that I used to work with and that her husband was a pastor at a local church and her telling me that the nursery workers were awesome.  I decided to take a leap of faith and one Sunday we went. When I nervously went to drop my girls off the teacher ended up being another teacher and friend that I used to work with, and I knew that was a sign from God.  We have been there ever since and I could not be happier.

After a few months of going to church we became members, and shortly after that we decided to have the girls baptized.  Growing up Baptist that is not something that we did to babies or that I was used to, but I loved the idea of baptizing your children and vowing that you are going to raise them to know Jesus and then, later on when they are older and decide they want to be saved they are baptized again.  I even more loved that my girls could do this together and this would be a sweet memory for my sister girls and our family forever.

Of course, I meticulously chose every detail of their outfits from bows, to dress, to socks to shoes for this special day.  I also got the girls these beautiful cross bracelets to wear on their special day, then I will save them and give them to them on their wedding day as their something old to wear wrapped around the stems of their bouquets.  

During the baptism Brynn was so quiet and well behaved...and I think a tad bit nervous.  All week she kept saying that her bap-tiiiiz-ism was coming and she was very excited.  During the ceremony she stood so still and her little hands clutched the sides of her dress the entire time.  Jolie on the other hand gave that church a show...and showed her true colors.  She started out being held by Steve and quickly wanted down.  To let everyone know that ..she was squealing and flailing all over.  Steve even joked that this was looking more like an exorcism than a baptism.  Once down she was walking all over the stage.  Steve would try to pick her back up and she would scream on the top of her lungs.  Luckily she is so darn cute and everyone just got a good laugh from her.  Brynn stood so still for her part, and Jolie watched on curious as ever as Brynn got the water put on her head.  And in true sister form, whatever sissy gets, the other one wants so, Jolie waited eagerly for her turn and stood so still for her own turn.  & that in itself was a miracle haha!

My parents, brother and girlfriend, Steve's dad and our dear friend Gena all came to watch.  They all joined us at our house afterwards for a small brunch and cake.  It was such a special day and a memory that I will hold close to my heart forever.

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