Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Valentines Day

Valentines with these two minis was super sweet and low key this year.
No holiday is complete without holiday pajamas in this house.  Im pretty sure pajamas, matching holiday pajamas that is..is my love language.  I can't get enough.  So its a no brainer that the girls went to bed all festive and cute.

I found these little envelopes in the target dollar spot and then added their names on them and made them into chair backers.  As usual I got them a few little goodies to make them feel loved and special.  Some chocolates and a rose lolli pop.  Brynn was so excited as evidenced by her shocked face!  & Jolie, that girl downed that whole thing of chocolate in I swear less than two minutes.  It was as if she thought it was something she shouldn't have and it was gonna be taken away any minute.  Im not sure she breathed haha.

Later on we made some pink cinnamon rolls.  Have no fear, they were pillsbury!  After last years Valentines cinnamon rolls, I definitely decided thats not worth the kitchen mess and effort.
Easy peasy it was this year.  I love these cute Valentine's aprons.  The girls were so excited to wear them and were dancing all around the house holding hands.

The rest of the day was super low key.  Nothing special...we actually even made tuna melts for dinner!  Nothing fancy over here.  But gosh do I love these girls and husband of mine.  Any holiday to celebrate how much I love them all is a great one in my book.

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