Monday, February 13, 2017

Life Lately

The weather has been so nice lately, the girls have been playing outside all day everyday.  We have even busted out the sprinkler and water hose.

Jolie has been modeling for smocked auctions for several months now and Brynn recently had her first modeling job with them also.  I never ever get tired of going online and seeing their faces in all the ads.  It is seriously like Christmas morning every single time.

We spent the last two weeks so sick in this house.  Jolie caught a cold, passed it around to all of us.  It then turned into a stomach virus for her..which then I also caught.  I should also mention this was our second stomach virus in a month.  These kids don't even go to school yet, I dread the day and all those germs.  Poor Jolie was so inconsolable and it was just so heart breaking, sink baths and popsicles made it a little more bearable.

We had one cold night this past month and so we did our first fire and roasting marshmallows/making amores with Brynn.  She had such a good time and thought she was extra special because we let her stay up after Jo to do it :)

For February Brynn and I decided to spread love through a different act of kindness every day counting up until Valentines Day.  I have really enjoyed this project with her and we have had so much fun spreading love everywhere.  We have painted pictures for the neighbors, left a heart note at my brothers house, delivered candy in secret at night to the neighbors door steps, gave treats to the mailman and construction workers and the list goes on.  I hope to make this a yearly tradition with the kids.

This weekend we took the girls to the farm.  We had been cooped up in the house sick for the past two weeks so we definitely were over due for a family fun day.  The girls loved petting all the animals and walking around.  Jolie was chasing chickens scream "bawwwwk bawwwk" on the top of her lungs.  & Brynn well, she was just in love with the horses as always.  There is nothing, nothiiiiing in this world she loves more and this has been a constant since she was an itty bitty girl around Jolies age.  Now if I could just win the lottery so we could move to our own farm and get this precious girl a horse of her own :)

Tomorrow is Valentines Day and I can't wait to bake and surprise these special girls with some sweet treats!

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