Thursday, November 16, 2017

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Halloween 2017

Halloween has come and gone, in fact it is almost Thanksgiving!  So, I better get this all down for memories sake.  Sometimes, well... a lot of times.. this blog goes on the back burner when things get busy.  But it is always in the back of my mind.  I often, even write myself sticky this, blog that.  I don't want to leave out any of the major memories and so..its always on the to do list, even if it takes several weeks.
So, alas Halloween 2017.
Keeping with the family tradition, this year we did Little Red Riding Hood.
Starring:  Brynn: Little Red, Daddy: The Axeman Mommy: the grandma Jolie: The "little" bad wolf

I know I say this every year, but THIS was the best year yet.  For the first year every Brynn was SO excited about her costume, and not shy at all about putting it on and everyone looking at her.  She was in love with herself.  As per usual, daddy was took his costume to the next level.  I mean he always goes ALL OUT and gosh, I love that about him.  He always makes it special for the girls.  Jolie was the wolf, and although she would not wear her cute little head piece, I let it go and she looked just as adorable with a big red bow.  

The girls ran from house to house trick or treating.  Jolie got it down pat real quick and had the time of her life, saying over and over "cannneeee...wooook!" followed by "More, moreee canneeee!".  Brynn was a great big sister and helped her along.  Brynn could not get to the next house fast enough, and had the best manner saying trick or treat and happy halloween to everyone.  For the first year ever we did the whole entire neighborhood.  I brought the wagon for Jolie but she refused and walked and lugged that big pumpkin of candy around all night.  If you asked her if she wanted to be carried or ride she would say "nope! I do it!!"

Grammie and Papa, Aunt NeNe and Aunt Gena all came over to watch the girls trick or treat and I made home made chili for everyone, which has become a tradition the past three years.  

Kentucky Trip

We just got back from the most dreamy little fall getaway!
Come this time every year I get so jealous of everyone else's fall weather and changing leaves while we are sweating our rears off at temps of 100 degrees still!  Jolie was shooting The Beaufort Bonnet Company's fall line in Kentucky, so we took the opportunity to make a little fall vacation out of it.  My mom even decided to come along, she is always down for seeing new things and places.

Driving up we broke it into two days, stopping in Atlanta for the night.  After 15 hours we arrived at the sweetest little farmhouse that we rented for three days.  It was actually the guest house to another house on the property, but it was on 15 acres so, we never ever actually even saw the other house.  The owner had three horses that would come over to the barn by our house every day and visit.  The girls loved waking up every morning and immediately going to look for them.

We spent the evenings making fires in the fire pit, drinking wine, grilling and watching the girls run and play for hours.  I could have watched that same scene over and over, I just loved seeing them have so much fun outdoors.

Friday, we went to the prettiest estate for Jolie's photo shoot.  While Jolie was shooting, Brynn and grammie found the horse stables nearby.  Brynn was in absolute heaven and named all the horses, her two favorite being Strawberry & Shortcake :)  After Jolie was done we found them and spent a little while longer getting some horsie lovin'

Brynn has always loved horses since she was a tiny little girl.  I mean it is her number one love in life & something that has never changed.  I love that about her and it was one of the main reasons I was so excited for this trip.  Since Kentucky is known for horses I knew she would be in her glory being surrounded by them for days.

After several recommendations that we had to go to Keeneland and have breakfast at the track and watch the horses practice we knew we had to add that to our to do list.  We woke up extra early and were at the track at 8am.  It was so neat!  Some of the horses even came over so the girls could touch them and ask questions.

(Jolie got a busted lip one day after her photoshoot!)

Later that day we headed over to the Kentucky horse park.  We watched the parade of breeds, the girls learned how to care for horses, they rode ponies...some even threw a fit when their turn was over.  Terrible twos are fun y'all!  Brynn washed and brushed a horse and was just totally in her element!  It was so fun to watch the pure joy on her face every day and it made our hearts so happy for her to have this experience.

After three days we were all sooo sad to leave!  I had no idea how beautiful Kentucky was, but we absolutely fell in love.  & of course it just made our dreams of owning our own little farm and farm house even more deep!  We will keep on praying and hoping that our path takes us in that direction one day!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Brynn's final touch!

For awhile now Brynn has been asking to get her ears pierced.  I decided when she was born that the whole newborn ear piercing was just not my thing.  I got mine done in the second grade, it was my birthday and I was so excited.  Even as a grown adult I still remember it like it was yesterday and I knew I wanted my girls to have the same experience.  Probably about a year ago Brynn asked, but after telling her what that all entailed she quickly was not about the whole ordeal and the whole subject was dropped.  That was until school started of course.  Im pretty sure that that is when she realized most girls have their ears pierced.  She started coming home every day asking to get hers pierced too.  I had many conversations with her about how she didn't need them to be pretty, that she was beautiful just the way God made her...and of course many talks about how we don't need to be like everyone else.  Her response to all this??? "Mom, I know Im already beautiful, I just need them for my final touch!"  And I mean who am I to argue with that sweet and perfect little response.

SO, last weekend we took Brynn to get her final touch!
She was so excited she could hardly stand it.  I could tell she was a little nervous but she wanted them so bad she was not walking out of there without those earrings.  She sat so still, held that teddy bear and barely flinched when they went in.  Her face when she saw herself in the mirror was just pure joy, & my heart could have burst seeing the way she looked at herself in that moment.  We celebrated with milk shakes and an earring photo shoot afterwards.

& just when I thought she couldn't get any cuter..her final touch just put her right over the top!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

We did it! B goes to school!

I never thought I'd see the day!
My sweet baby is officially a preschooler.
When you have your babies it really does feel like school is forever a lifetime away.  
But we are.  I blinked and its time for pre-k.  Although I can hardly stand it, I am very excited for her and her new adventures of big girl-hood.

This sweet girl and I have spent every day, every minute together for the last four years...I mean she is practically my right arm.  & sissy and I have quickly realized just exactly how much we lean on this sweet girl of ours.  We sure do miss her while she is gone.  I have never been good with change, I hate it actually, and it really makes me quite anxious.  We have had our little groove over here for the past four years of slow mornings and no set schedule to live by.  Just me my girls livin' day by day...doing all the fun things.  Which also makes me so happy I decided to be a stay at home mom, this season of life goes so quickly and I am so, so thankful I never missed a minute.  Having a schedule and somewhere to be and having to be dressed by a set time...has certainly taken some adjusting to.  Thankful its only preschool & 3 hours a day since we are slow steps.  Im not ready to think that this is only the beginning of so many years of school.  

Two weeks in though, I can say we are finding our new groove and finding more positives than I thought I would be able to.  Having something to force me to get everyone up and dressed has been good for us.  Brynn is loving school, making friends and just really enjoying it, which makes my heart so happy for her.

All summer we read all sorts of books about starting school from the library, hoping I could psych her up as much as possible.  I bought the cutest back pack and lunch box, of course monogrammed.  Labeled al her supplies with cute little unicorn personalized labels and bought all the cute school dresses and matching shoes I could find.  She would go back and forth between being super excited about it and then would sometimes stop and say "but I don't want to leave you."  One of the books that we read was called Birdie Goes to School.  In the book the little girl is nervous so her mom takes off her locket and gives it to her so she can always feel like she is close to her.  Brynn loved this and said " I wish I had one of those!"  I quickly took note and ordered Brynn a locket of her own for the first day.  I filled it with a family picture of the four of us on one side and her and sissy on the other side.  The first day of school I surprised her with it and a little note.  She loved it so much and her reaction was the sweetest thing, and I will always remember it.

We all four walked into school together for the first day, well, Brynn actually skipped.  She was so excited.  She gave me and her dad and JoJo all a kiss and walked right in without ever looking back.  I was so glad she didn't cry because I honestly would not have been able to handle it.  I watched the clock like a hawk that day and counted the minutes until we could go get her!  The anticipation of hearing about her day was killing me!   Being reunited was the best feeling ever, she had the best day, loved her teacher and her new friends.  Hearing all about her days and what she learned on our way home is now one of my favorite parts of the day.