Friday, December 16, 2016

Salt dough fun

I have a list of little holiday things and traditions that I like to do every year.
I didn't quite get to them all last year with a colicky newborn, but this we are sure breezing' right through them.  Man, what a difference a year makes! haha

Anyways, one of the traditions I always like to do is salt dough ornaments.  It's super easy and super messy, but nothing 10 mins of cleaning can't fix.

Brynn had sooo much fun doing this this year.  That's another thing I love about traditions..I love seeing how their level of involvement, skill and enjoyment changes each year with these sorts of things.  I think she could have cut shapes for hours.
We set this up to do during Jolie's nap time.  I had planned that later she could help with the painting part.  Well, teething has happened and that called for a short nap and she was up and ready to join the fun.  But, Im glad she did because she loved it, giggling up a storm..and much to my surprise did not eat it!

We spent the afternoon painting them all, and this morning Brynn glittered her little heart out!

Next up on the list ...Christmas lights and baking!

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