Friday, December 30, 2016

Our Christmas

Christmas has come and gone and I can't believe it. It always flies by and seems like faster with each passing year.  We had a wonderful Christmas that was full of magic and love!

Christmas Eve we woke up and spent the day watching movies and making Jesus' birthday cake.  At night we went to candle light service at church, and then had drinks and appetizers afterwards with my parents.  The girls were so crazy hyper and bouncing off the walls all night...I think they were a tad excited!  Brynn put out the cookies and milk under the tree and we quickly ran to the bedroom to read the "The Night Before Christmas" with my mom before Jolie snatched those cookies up with the quickness!    This is the exact same book that my used to read to us when we were little.  I love that she passed it down to me.

Steve and I stayed up far into the night assembling bikes and doll high chairs and stuffing stockings.  So much fun! This is the first year that Brynn is sleeping with the door open so we hid out in our bedroom with the door locked!  I legit had so much fear that she was going to wake up! What do you do once these kids get bigger?!?! It can only get more challenging I imagine.

Christmas morning, Jolie woke up first.  I picked her up and we sat on the couch waiting for Brynn to wake up.  I will never forget this....because it cracked me up so much...
Brynn must have heard us moving around getting Jo's milk and things and all of a sudden I hear her say from her room "huhhh, what...mommmm?? Santaaaa??? Santa,  is that you !!!!" and then she comes running out of her room.  I seriously wanted to die of laughter. She came out and started analyzing everything...his half eaten cookies which she called "wasteful!" hahah and then his boot footprints to the door.  All of a sudden she finally noticed her huge wrapped present and screamed MY BICYCLEEEEE!  Ugh, so much Christmas magic.  This was the very first year Brynn has asked for anything specifically.  And boy did she want this bike with all her heart.  As for Jolie, she was so happy with the very first thing she took out of her stocking a bubble puppy rubber bath toy...didn't take much to please her.  Sissy opened all the rest of her presents for her.

We surprised the girls with redoing this giant play house in the backyard.  Now this may or may not have been my childhood dream as a child!  But it sure was fun to do and surprise the girls with.  We planted flowers at midnight in the flower boxes, hung a wreath and moved all their play house furniture in in the middle of the night.  Brynn's face is pure joy.

We spent the morning watching Brynn ride her new bike up and down the street while little sis cheered her on clapping the whole time and then eating Jesus' cake! Gah, they make my heart swell sometimes!

Christmas morning we had a big family breakfast followed by naps all around. That night my mom threw a big Christmas dinner for everyone where the kids opened even more gifts and we enjoyed being together as a family.

It was a great Christmas.

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