Thursday, December 8, 2016

Learning the Christmas Story | Our advent tradition

It is so important for me keep Christ as the center of Christmas for my children.  It is easy to get caught up in all the fun of Santa,  Elf of the Shelf and presents.  We LOVE allll those things!  But, I never want Brynn and Jo to think that is what it's all about!  Especially, now that Brynn is getting older, she is really such a little sponge and loves learning.

A year ago I was introduced to this advent calendar by a dear friend, that teaches kids the Christmas story through a daily bible reading and making ornaments.  It is called "truth in the tinsel".

 We did it last year..but not full out..newborn life was crazy! So, this year we were ready.  I actually spent a full day with some girlfriends pre prepping all the days and supplies into individual ziplock, which has made this soooo much more simple.
It was such a fun day, wine..kid free..just hanging out, Christmas music and prepping.

Each day has a clue.  The kids have to listen for the clue in that days bible reading, then shout it out when they hear the word.
This year I put each clue in these little mini envelopes I made.  Brynn takes one down each day and opens for her clue.

Then, each day has an ornament craft that goes with it to hang on the tree.  We have a mini tree in Brynn's room that we hang them all on.
The idea is that by the end of it all your child can recite and understands the whole Christmas story.

It has been so much fun for us, we do it every morning during Jolie's nap time while listen to Christmas music.  I love it so much, so does Brynn and it makes me so happy to see her understanding.  She actually told my mom all about what she has learned yesterday, using everyones names.  It was so amazing to witness.

I can't sing this advent enough praises.  I am so excited to have it be a yearly tradition and do it with both girls next year.


  1. Aw this is so cute! Can't wait to do this with Presley!

  2. I'll have to join you on the prepping of the days next year, I'd love to do this with Emma! Such a cute idea. :)

  3. Love this! Thank you so much for sharing about Truth In the Tinsel! I love that you two are having a special time together--and hat you prepped it with friends before. Genius!