Wednesday, November 16, 2016

This and That

It's been awhile since I have done a mish mosh post of this and that.  And sometimes those are my favorite ones to look back on.  Just random little things that I don't want to forget about these little girls who are growing way to fast.

School time
School has been going great.  I started letting Brynn pick and choose different times of the day when she feels like doing school instead of a set time frame and thats working much better.  She knows all her letters and sounds, we are practicing writing them now. She can write her name now..and her cutting has gotten so good...I love watching her excel at things that she couldn't do a month or two before.  

No more bottles:
With Brynn I was so strict and took away the bottle pretty much the day she turned one, but with Jolie I have been trying to hold on to her being a baby so much longer.  I finally ditched the bottle last week and she didn't even bat an eye. Time is flying.

Speaking of time flying...I can't stop looking at this picture of Brynn.

Gosh she is getting so big.

with each passing day the girls are playing better and better together.  I love watching them become best friends.  and let's face it, its nice to be able to sit back and watch sometimes...or get some chores done.

Hair salon, tea parties and barbies on repeat.

Girly girl:
Brynn is about all things girly.  She is obsessed with doing makeup and nails and these little drawings of pretend customers for her to make up have been such a hit.  They keep her busy for hours and she requests this several times a week.

Speaking of girly...anyone who knows Brynn knows its next to impossible to get her to wear anything other than a dress.  Like it takes so much convincing.  And it doesn't stop at that...if the dress doesn't twirl good..forget it. melt down city. Getting her dressed these days is a chore with much patience involved on my end.


I was able to make jeans super exciting by saying she got her first pair of big girl jeans like mommy and Grammy and well that made her super all about it! And man if these don't make her look like she is ready for kindergarten! Hold me!


This dancing Santa at Wal-Mart is my kids obsession.  We have to go weekly to visit him.
Brynn is so excited to go see Santa at the mall and tell him what she wants...

Which is a big girl bike! This is allllll she has been able to talk about for months.  I have never seen her want anything so badly.  I think its the first thing that she has actually asked for specifically.
We test drive them every time we go to the store.


I can't believe Thanksgiving is already next week.  Man, November is flying.
So thankful for these two little turkeys who give me a run for my money every day.
They make everything better.

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