Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

We are coming off a Thanksgiving weekend high!  Can't believe it is Monday already, although a great Monday it has been!

We woke up Thanksgiving morning and I made my traditional Thanksgiving turkey cinnamon rolls.  I have to say this is the very first year that Brynn showed super excitement over this!  If you look back at past pictures her expressions are pretty comical.

Steve played football early Thanksgiving morning with some church guys, so I laid Jolie down for her morning nap and Brynn and I watched the parade together.  

Around 12ish we headed out to my moms house to have dinner around four.  We all hung out, enjoyed drinks and appetizers.  Brynn and I helped my mom with dinner, she always loves helping in the kitchen...& the older she gets the more I am loving this stage of having a little helper friend always by my side.  

We fried our turkey for the first year ever after talking about it for years.  The boys were in charge an they did a great job! Best turkey everrrrr, there is seriously no going back now.

Dinner was perfect, as always my mom knocked it out of the park.  Brynn announced the blessing for us, which always makes me so proud of her.  And even Jolie at 14 months puts her hands together and says AAAAAA really loud for amen!  Love those sweet girls.

We all left sooo full, even too full for dessert believe it or not.

Full bellies and hearts.  So much to be thankful for.  All I ever wanted in life was to be a stay at home mommy, & more specifically a girl mommy.  God has blessed me with all I have ever wanted and more.  Thankful for a husband that loves us majorly and works so hard to provide for us.  Brynn and Jolie who make my heart burst with happiness and love...who made me learn that love knows no limits, and just when I think I can't love anymore.. I fall more and more in love with them with each passing day.  My family that loves, and supports me, always there for me and loves my children so selflessly.
& of course our Lord and Savior who made the ultimate sacrifice. 

So very, very thankful.

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