Friday, November 4, 2016

Halloween 2016

October flew by, Halloween has come and gone..and as I sit here writing this I am already listening to Christmas music.  No shame.

We definitely jam packed last week full of Halloween fun!
We did lots of crafts.

Then, Friday we had our annual Halloween friend play date party.

Friday night we had our church trunk or treat.  We decorated our car like a dalmatian and the girls went as dalmatian puppies as well.

Sunday night we had friends and family over to carve pumpkins.  I was surprised with how into it the girls were.  They both dove right in there.  We did our pumpkin as cinderella's carriage and I was quite impressed with the turn out.

Halloween day I did my best to fill it to the brim with fun.
I started the day with some vampire pancakes.

Then, we made Halloween popcorn and watched a spooky movie, followed by another movie and lunch picnic.

Next up was a BOO bath with orange water and bugs.

Finally, it was time for the big night.  My mom brought over a crockpot of chili for everyone for dinner (a tradition now). My parents, brother and his girlfriend,  our friend meg and her daughter Sofia and my friend Gena all came over for the fun to see the kids dressed up.

We let Brynn choose our costumes this year.  She loves all princesses so I knew we would end up something Disney.  She specifically wanted Steve to be King Triton and me Ursula.  And as much as I asked to be Sebastian Brynn was dead set on me being Ursula. It's Brynn's world and we just live in it...  Sooo, Lilly ended up being Sebastian and Jojo-Flounder.

I am so in love with how it all turned out.  & a big shout out to my hubby for always going all out.  He may not always be totally down with our choices, but he embraces it and goes with it full force. I mean he is in a mermaid tail for goodness sakes :) He also always makes his costumes 100 % himself.  My mom and I worked on Brynn and Jolie's for hours over the course of several days.  All sewn 100% by us.  I hope one day the girls will look back at all these Halloween pictures from their childhood and see all the love and that it will bring them fond memories.

Brynn is normally all about dressing up, but also gets a little shy when all eyes are on her.  She loved her costume, but definitely took a little work  getting her to come out of her room.  She eventually warmed up and had so much fun trick or treating.  Her manners were so good and I was such a proud mommy.  She also did a great job introducing her sister and helping her get her pieces too.

Jolie was just as cute as can be.  I loved seeing her walk around with her little pumpkin that was half her size.  She did a few houses and then enjoyed being pulled around in her wagon while eating dum dums.

It was another great Halloween for the Balogh family.

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